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Nuage networks and the world's top operators jointly deliver SD

nuage networks and the world's top operators jointly deliver sd-wan solutions

-- to further help meet enterprise needs and promote business growth

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TELUS Telecom Canada released its new network as a service (naas) based on nuage networks sd-wan solutions

this cooperation has further strengthened and consolidated nuage networks' market leadership. Nuage networks can provide an sd-wan solution that can easily meet the experimental requirements and help operators realize the transformation of management service platforms

market leading think tank companies predict that by the end of 2017, nearly 70% of the world's companies will adopt sd-wan solutions, with a market capitalization of more than $6billion in 2020

nuage networks, a company invested by Nokia that focuses on Software Defined Network (SDN) solutions, has recently continued to sign agreements with large global service providers such as British Telecom, Chinatelecom, telecom Spain and telia to continue to vigorously develop the software defined wide area (SDN) market. Recently, this cooperation has been expanded again. TELUS, a Canadian telecom operator, announced to work with nuage networks to jointly deliver network as a service (naas). This new and innovative sd-wan solution can help enterprises realize the construction, management and cloud optimization of virtual networks quickly, simply and cheaply through a flexible self-service platform. The volume and price of futures market rose compared with yesterday; Individual large mines at the raw material end have introduced price hikes. The virtual network service (VNS) sd-wan solution of nuage networks is gradually becoming the best choice for global operators and enterprises to seek to realize the automation and optimization of their WAN environment and it processes. Nuage's sd-wan solution can reduce costs, improve business agility, and has great scalability to meet cloud network needs and growing data needs

only a year ago, SD - at present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high, and WAN solutions began to enter the enterprise field. However, with software, it automation, network traffic optimization, VPN deployment acceleration and WAN overhead reduction were successfully achieved, and the tangible benefits brought by this promoted the rapid growth of business. IDC, a market research company, predicts that by the end of 2017, nearly 70% of enterprise customers will have completed the evaluation or deployment of sd-wan. In addition, a recent IDC survey showed that more than 40% of enterprises plan to implement the comprehensive sd-wan solutions provided by communication service providers. IDC predicts that by 2020, the overall market size of sd-wan products and services will exceed $6billion, while in 2016, this figure was only $575million

brad casemore, director of network research at IDC data center, said: today, cloud has become a key factor in achieving business agility and digital transformation. The enterprise IT team is rapidly recognizing its WAN services, and its network architecture will also undergo major changes. Many enterprise customers expect service providers to deliver cost-effective, feature rich, secure application delivery and reduced operating costs sd-wan solutions at their branches and other remote sites. With the increasing number of service provider partners, nuage networks will actively respond to this demand of enterprises. IDC believes that this demand will maintain a strong growth trend in the next few years

Sunil khandekar, CEO and founder of Nokia nuage networks, said: enterprise customers want to be able to quickly and safely connect their users to private and public cloud applications. As an industry leader, nuage networks can fully help service providers deliver automated self-service sd-wan solutions to meet the needs of enterprise customers. Our platform is fully covered and deployed in the world's largest operator network, which can be used as a natural extension of customers' existing L2 and L3 MPLS VPN and other WAN service products to remote sites. We are the only supplier that can provide a single SDN automation platform for data centers, WANs and public clouds. This platform can help these providers simplify their business, improve agility and achieve substantial cost reductions for the multiple cloud based services they currently provide

the deployment of nuage networks sd-wan by global operators confirms IDC's research results. Customers choose this highly competitive solution because it has the following advantages:

realize the automation of end-to-end enterprise service delivery between data centers and branches, and at the same time, it can seamlessly connect with public cloud services

realize more value-added services by deploying the third-party virtual network function (vnf) in the enterprise branches based on the open virtualization branch in the box platform

complements powerful network analysis and performance monitoring solutions (virtual service assurance platform, VSAP) and software defined security solutions (virtual security services, VSS) that provide industry-leading insight and repair capabilities

in addition, relying on the excellent reputation and strong strength of nuage networks and Nokia, service providers can also provide global support and world-class integration services to stand out from the fierce competition

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about Nokia nuage networks

Nu HJ, from French, which means cloud. Nuo nuage networks, with more than 90million tons, has brought a series of technical and network expertise combinations to enterprises and the communication industry. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Nokia nuage networks applies new thinking to delivering solutions within data centers, across data centers, and integrated with wide area SDNS. These solutions are highly scalable and programmable, and their security and availability can meet the environmental needs of key businesses. Nuage networks is committed to providing services for the world's largest cloud computing needs, relying on Nokia's fast-growing IP and optical services. The mission of Nokia nuage networks is to help enterprises realize that cloud computing predicts success

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