Promotion of the hottest honeycomb paperboard

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Promotion of honeycomb paperboard

after more than ten years of dedicated research, development and continuous improvement, China has made breakthrough progress in technical level and market development

in recent years, the electronic information industry has become an important pillar industry with the fastest development speed, the largest industrial scale, the most foreign trade exports and the highest benefits among China's industrial sectors, and has won new development opportunities for China's packaging industry

according to incomplete statistics, the annual consumption of disposable pallets for color picture tubes alone is up to more than 2 million. For example, Shaanxi Xianyang color kinescope Group Co., Ltd. will spend more than 51 million yuan on packaging materials and products this year, an increase of 15% over last year. The rapid development of electronic information industry is bound to inject vitality into packaging production enterprises and drive the development of packaging industry

it is understood that the annual output of motorcycles across the country has exceeded 10million. If half of them use honeycomb cardboard as packing boxes, 35 million square meters of honeycomb cardboard will be consumed annually

experts believe that honeycomb paperboard has low production cost, low price and wide applicability. It can be widely used in packaging, storage and transportation, construction, vehicle and vessel manufacturing, furniture industry to replace wood, mud bricks, EPS foam plastic, etc., which is of far-reaching significance in reducing deforestation and protecting the ecological environment. Therefore, the potential market of honeycomb paperboard is very huge. In no more than twoorthree years, the annual market demand will be about 1billion square meters

honeycomb paperboard has been developed in China for more than ten years, and has initially formed a certain scale, with a good development situation. But at the same time, there are also some problems that cannot be ignored

at present, the vast majority of domestic honeycomb paperboard production enterprises are private enterprises, so on the whole, the enterprise scale is small, the technical level is low, the independent innovation ability is weak, the management level is not very high, and the ability to directly participate in international market competition is not strong. From the external environment, private enterprises have problems such as poor financing channels, imperfect credit guarantee system and venture capital mechanism, and imperfect social intermediary service system. Therefore, honeycomb paperboard production enterprises have many difficulties in scientific research, design, production, management, publicity, promotion, sales and so on

after more than ten years of repeated research and trial production, the honeycomb paperboard production in China has achieved success in recent years, which is really remarkable. However, in order to reduce the cost of equipment, the vast majority of production enterprises have low requirements and low technical content. Without the comprehensive application of advanced technologies such as hydraulic, pneumatic, program control, computer automatic control and laser cutting, they just achieve the mechanized production of centralized control of electrical appliances. Therefore, at present, there is still a certain gap between the honeycomb paperboard production line and foreign advanced equipment in terms of integrity, stability, position accuracy and appearance of processing and adjusting fixtures. For example, the production rate, material utilization rate, effective working rate and other indicators of the equipment are not satisfactory. Due to the low processing accuracy of the equipment, the paper core produced is often not equilateral hexagonal, and the tension of the composite board varies greatly from loose to tight, and even degumming occurs. The utilization rate of the paper is also low, generally around 80%

in particular, the molding and processing equipment for honeycomb paperboard products is relatively simple, even blank. The technical level of molding processing is an important link to ensure the quality of paper honeycomb products. The end-user of honeycomb paper products is the primary part of the whole value chain, and it is also a key factor to determine the future and destiny of honeycomb paperboard. Honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard have different forming and processing processes. The former requires higher requirements and is more difficult. For example, the processes of corrugated cardboard such as indentation, die cutting, slotting, printing and carton ordering can be solved by equipment. At present, these problems of honeycomb cardboard products forming and processing equipment in China have not been well solved. Because of the low degree of production automation, it is difficult to achieve the standardization, serialization, diversification and standardization of paper honeycomb products. Most of the processing of honeycomb cartons, pallets and sanitary coffins is still manual. If the production is light, the efficiency of burning components is low. Not only the production cost remains high, but also it is difficult to ensure the quality and performance of products

it is true that the problem of honeycomb paperboard forming and processing equipment is still a major "bottleneck" in the development of honeycomb paperboard. Therefore, it is urgent to accelerate the development of honeycomb paperboard product molding and processing equipment

secondly, the moisture-proof, flame-retardant, antistatic, curing and other technologies of honeycomb paperboard also need to be further improved

because there is no national standard for honeycomb paperboard, the quality standard of raw materials used by some production enterprises is too low, and the moisture content of paperboard is high. In production, some enterprises ignore the moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static and other technical performance indicators of products, making it difficult for products to meet market demand. Some user units reported that the strength of honeycomb paperboard packaging boxes, pallets and buffer liners was reduced due to moisture, and the products could not withstand the collision and damage during transportation. The behavior of these enterprises objectively hindered the promotion of honeycomb paperboard

price is the guide, quality is the guarantee, and service is the cornerstone, which is the foundation of enterprise management. However, some honeycomb paperboard enterprises are eager for quick success and instant benefits, and their management level is low. They not only do not pay attention to product quality, but also exaggerate hype and substitute inferior products for good ones. Another point is that they do not pay attention to after-sales service. Problems after the products are sold cannot be timely supported and solved by customers in terms of technology and process, causing adverse effects

according to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 100 honeycomb paperboard equipment and product manufacturing enterprises in China, and there is a trend of gradual increase. However, due to the lack of good guidance from the relevant departments, and the failure to organize the honeycomb paperboard industry to jointly develop and develop products, and the failure to explore the depth and breadth of the market, as well as the lack of national standards for relevant technologies and equipment, the industry is sometimes scattered and disordered. Just like the mutual blockade of information between industries, it is difficult to communicate and even appear that protein plastics are one of the most widely studied and used natural bio based high molecular plastics in the field of biodegradable materials, and vicious price competition, which has affected the promotion, application and healthy development of honeycomb paperboard. At the same time, due to the insufficient implementation of policies and regulations formulated by the competent government departments, many users are still in a wait-and-see state of mind about using honeycomb paperboard products to replace EP nano friction and wear tester s foaming plastic or wooden pallet

honeycomb paperboard products save resources and protect the ecological environment, which is in line with the application and development trend of international packaging industry materials. Although there are still some problems in the development of this work in China, we still believe that honeycomb paperboard products have a broad market prospect and will become the mainstream of packaging materials for electronic information industrial products and other industrial products with its unique charm

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