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The appropriate packaging design of household appliances

the so-called ideal packaging refers to the packaging whose protection ability is slightly larger than the difference between the external force received by the packaging and the strength of the product. The slightly larger part is called safety margin, and the appropriate packaging of safety margin is called appropriate packaging; Packaging with too much safety margin is called lack of packaging

product packaging is one of the keys to ensure product quality. To achieve proper packaging, we must first understand the brittleness characteristics of household appliances. Brittleness value, also known as vulnerability, is the maximum acceleration value that the product will bear without physical or functional damage. The value of brittleness indicates the ability of the product to bear external loads during circulation. The design of proper packaging is to select appropriate cushioning materials to protect the product according to the brittleness value of the packaged product and the circulation environmental conditions that the package is subjected to, so that the maximum acceleration value it is subjected to in circulation does not exceed its own brittleness value, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the product

in order to do a good job in proper packaging, it is necessary to correctly grasp the size of external forces and the strength of products in advance. The external forces received by packaging in the logistics process can be roughly divided into the following categories: the impact on the ground during handling, the vibration of the conveying machinery platform, and the load accumulated in storage. In order to grasp the magnitude of these external forces, it is generally necessary to carry out transportation tests, that is, logistics environment investigation. Its purpose is to confirm whether the developed packaging is suitable for the transportation environment and collect data for making appropriate packaging

the content of transportation environment investigation generally includes impact external forces such as impact and mutual collision when landing during handling; Vibration type external force of conveying machinery platform; Static external force and environmental temperature and humidity during storage. Among these factors, the most difficult to determine are the external impact force received in handling and the external vibration force of the conveying machinery platform

the external force on the product during handling is mainly the impact on the ground and the impact force caused by the vibration of the conveying machinery platform. Therefore, it is very important to understand and master the occurrence of impact phenomenon in the process of handling. It can be seen that it is important to do a good job of transportation environment investigation for proper packaging

the strength of the product is the inherent attribute of the product. Once the external force is determined, the internal cushioning material and structure of the packaging will become another indispensable part of proper packaging. The most important function of internal buffer is to protect the product, but it must also have environmental protection function. In terms of cushioning packaging materials, China is still using a large number of EPS plastic cushioning packaging liners, which does not meet the requirements of environmental protection. It is gratifying that China's household electrical appliances are actively promoting the use of honeycomb paperboard environmental friendly paper cushioning packaging materials. Some export electronic machine instruments and household appliances have adopted honeycomb paperboard to replace EPS plastic cushioning packaging liner

honeycomb paperboard is a viscoelastic cushioning packaging material, which is an ideal cushioning material for packaging fragile and pressure resistant items. The use of honeycomb paperboard can not only reduce the packaging cost, but also open up a "green channel" for foreign trade exports. It is a recyclable green environmental protection material, which has the characteristics of novel structure, superior performance, large load-bearing, low cost, high strength, good elasticity and so on. At the same time, its shockproof, moisture-proof and heat insulation properties are very outstanding

when honeycomb paperboard is used as a cushion liner, many characteristics need to be considered, such as static compression characteristics, dynamic compression characteristics, vibration transmission characteristics, creep characteristics and recovery characteristics. The dynamic compression characteristic curve is obtained through the dynamic compression experiment, that is, the impact load is applied to the buffer material by the free falling hammer to simulate the impact received in the process of circulation, and the dynamic compression characteristic curve of the buffer material for the design of buffer packaging is obtained. Vibration is another major environmental load besides impact during the circulation of packages. The vibration transmission characteristic of honeycomb paperboard refers to the relationship between vibration transmission rate and frequency. Anti vibration requires to avoid resonance by controlling the natural frequency or vibration transmission rate of the package. Because the mechanical shock and vibration in the transportation environment are the main external causes of commodity damage, and the low strength of the product itself is its internal cause. The function of honeycomb paperboard is to reduce the transmission rate of vibration, so that the vibration transmitted to the packaged products is within the range that the products can bear. Therefore, when choosing cushioning materials, we must understand the characteristics of honeycomb paperboard, which is essential for designing appropriate packaging

corrugated boxes have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, easy processing and molding, easy storage and handling, good printing adaptability, easy recycling in the scope of application, and have been widely used in transportation packaging. However, as a packaging container, corrugated boxes must have greater compressive strength in order to protect commodities. There are mainly two kinds of factors that affect the compressive strength of corrugated boxes: one is the basic factors that cannot be avoided after the carton is formed, such as the strength of base paper, corrugated type, corrugated board type, etc.; the other is the variable factors that are artificially affected in the process of designing and manufacturing corrugated boxes. Here we mainly introduce the variable factors in the design process

when designing corrugated boxes, the box type and box shape (size ratio) must be selected according to the characteristics of the product itself; Printing area and printing design; Opening area and opening position. The type of corrugated box determines the corrugated direction, the number of cardboard layers and the structure of the box, so it has a great impact on the strength of the box. For the printing of transportation packaging cartons, the paper is often produced first. Once there is a problem with these buttons, it is similar to the above problem, and then print on them. Therefore, when printing with general ink, the printing pressure can crush the corrugated, thereby reducing the strength of the carton. For corrugated boxes, although the printing area of side full printing is larger than that of end full printing, the reduction rate of compressive strength is relatively low, because the compressive strength of cartons mainly depends on four edges and corners. The farther away from the box angle, the smaller the support force. The distance between the two edges and corners of the end face is small, and the support force is larger than that of the side, so the changes affected are also large. In addition, the transverse strip printing is made from the center of the carton. At the initial stage, the compressive strength drops sharply to the known signal (the size/amplitude decreases, and then gradually becomes stagnant.

for the convenience of handling, some household appliance transportation packages often open handle holes, so the corrugated is cut off, so the strength of the carton is reduced. When designing the opening area and opening position, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

1) the same opening shape, the larger the same opening area, The greater the reduction of carton strength

2) the closer the opening position is to the upper and lower sides of the carton or the corner of the carton, the greater the strength reduction of the carton

3) the closer the opening position is to the paper, the smaller the strength reduction of the carton is

4) at the same opening position and the same opening area, the strength of decentralized opening cartons decreased less than that of centralized opening cartons as early as the end of last year

in a word, in the open hole structure, the reduction of carton strength is related to the opening position, opening area, opening shape and other factors

of course, carton packaging tends to be replaced by shrink film packaging, but it will take a long time. At present, corrugated cartons are still the main packaging form of household appliances

while adopting new materials and processes, product packaging should not only meet the needs of users, but also meet national standards and environmental protection requirements, but also be practical and economical. It can be seen that proper packaging is not an easy task, which requires the joint efforts of designers

(author/Huang Xiuling, Wang Xiaomin)

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