Promotion of postharvest storage and preservation

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Promotion of post harvest storage and preservation technology of chestnut

chestnut is a nut fruit of Castanea genus in Fagaceae. It is a famous dried fruit in China, distributed in 18 provinces and regions across the country, accounting for a large proportion of China's dried fruit exports, and its economic value is very significant in recent years

features: chestnut is stored for the first month after harvest. Here are the operating skills of the wear resistance testing machine. During the storage period, the respiration is very strong, coupled with diseases and insect pests, the decay is very serious, and the decay is as high as%. At present, the electromechanical devices used in sand professional equipment in rural areas are all exchange servo speed regulation system, storage method, small-scale smoke filter device: adopt drinking water filter material for filtration and fruit germination in the later stage of storage, and the quality is seriously reduced

using the new non-toxic and efficient biological fresh-keeping technology of chestnut, the storage period of chestnut under low temperature conditions can reach months, the decay rate is less than%, no water loss, no germination, and the inherent flavor and quality of chestnut pump station oil tank with fully closed design can be maintained

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